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Stephan is an Electrical Engineer, graduate of “l'École de technologie Supérieur" in Montreal. Fascinated since a young age by the design of electric guitars, it is in 2006 that he began to teach himself the techniques of their fabrication. His wife, Ella, is an architect and fashion designer, having first made a career in Moscow, Russia, until 2007. When Ella emigrated to Canada, Stephan and Ella decided to undertake together the construction of their first guitar, called Stella, (a combination of their names, Stephan and Ella). Ella’s aesthetic talents and Stephan’s technical mastery can be recognized in each of their instruments. They have combined their skills and talents and shared passion of guitars to create instruments that do not only provide the musician with superior performance capability and sound but that are also works of art by themselves, visually expressing their creators’ creativity, imagination and the sensitivity to the art of music. Their projects are generally unique, but all are the subject of a deep commitment to their craft and meticulous work that extends over a long duration (18 to 24 months). They like to think outside of box and build instruments that are out of the ordinary. They work very closely with their customers in order to offer them a unique and rewarding experience, so that the process of creation of each of their instrument can also constitute for them a most fruitful experience.

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Chambered Body Bass

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