Chambered Body Neck Through Guitar




About Artemis

Date of birth: 2014
Model: Single cut, neck through, chambered body, carved front and back with all access neck to body joint
Scale length / # of frets: 25” (635 mm) / 24 frets
Body wood: Laminated Padaouk/Maple/Purple Heart/Maple with book matched Ziricote back
Top wood: Book matched, slightly spalted figured Maple
Neck through wood: 9 piece laminate, Purple Heart/Maple/Wenge/Maple/Padaouk
Fretboard Wood: Book matched Cocobolo with a white mother of pearl 12th fret fleur de lys and side dots inlays
Headstock veneer: Book matched Cocobolo with Maple/Padaouk/Maple pinstripes and white mother of pearl unicorn inlay with continuous truss rod cover
Fretboard radius: 12” (304.8mm)
Neck to body break angle: 4.5º
Headstock break angle: 16º
Nut: Scalloped bone
Bridge: Graphtech Resomax wraparound with ghost piezo saddles
Machine heads: Sperzel locking
Pickups: Lollar standard wind P-90 with matching cocobolo cover
Magnetic controls: Volume / Tone and a 3 position pickup selector switch
Graphtech acousti-phonic preamp with 1 volume and a push pull 2 position EQ, 3 position selector switch for mag/both/piezo
Output Jacks: 1- Magnetic pickups
2- Magnetic/Both/Piezo (use individual pots for blending)
Control knobs: Laminated Ebony/Maple/Padaouk/Maple/Cocobolo with abalone dots
Finish: Eco-friendly oil
Feature 1: Schaller Strap-lock installed with machine screws and metal inserts into body
Feature 2: Back control cover installed with machine screws and metal inserts into body
Feature 3: Faraday cage control cavity made from copper tape
Feature 4: All Cocobolo comes from the same piece of wood
Feature 5: Inlaid Cocobolo dual output jack plate
Feature 6: Back control cavity cap is continuous (Same piece of wood)
Strings: Ernie Ball Regular Slinky (0.010 – 0.046)

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Building Process

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Testimonial from the owner


I am the very privileged owner of StellArt #7, otherwise known as Artemis. This guitar is the finest instrument I have ever experienced. The level of passion, talent, detail and technical rigour that Stephan and Ella brought to this creation is quite beyond description. But you can feel it in the way she plays. The overall feel is of a sculpture, a precision machine, a violin... the intonation is utter perfection and unbelievably stable. The touch is delicate, but powerful; precise and graceful. And the sound..... you just have to hear it. The combination of woods chosen for this guitar brings a deep, solid, slightly punchy tone with a crisp shimmering finish... and incredible versatility (see below). In terms of design, Artemis is at once poised, robust, understated, elegant, technically innovative and visually jaw-dropping. Check the book-matched Cocobolo fret board with matching head stock; the lightly spalted flame Maple top; the orange and purple pin-striped through-neck; single piece Ziricote back, and more. All finished in hand rubbed, naturally lustrous hardening oil. No thick shiny plasticky finish here. The pickup configuration is typical Les Paul, but I chose single coil Lollars. We also worked in a switchable piezo bridge pickup with two separate outputs (combined or magnetic only) for a multitude of sonic options. The experience of creating this guitar with Stephan and Ella was a delight. A truly collaborative mix of art, engineering and music. Together, we had a lot of fun designing and implementing the project. Stellart listened carefully, always guiding me towards a cohesive end result. I wanted a slightly chunky neck and a fretboard designed for my finger playing style. We bounced around ideas for the wood combinations, and converged upon an incredibly coherent and beautiful design. We brainstormed the electronics possibilities until we got it just right. Artemis is a work of art through and through, and her creators possess astonishing talent and commitment to their work.
Sincerely, Paul Davis