Chambered Body Neck Through Bass



Athena Intro 2-2

About Athena

Date of birth: 2012
Model: Original Design, Neck Through, chambered body, carved front and back, 5
string fretted bass
Scale length / # of frets: 34” / 24 frets
Body wood: Laminated Maple/Padaouk/Maple/Purple heart/Maple and book matched
Ziricote back
Top Wood: Book matched Cocobolo
Neck through wood: 9 piece laminate, Purple Heart/Maple/Black Gabon Ebony/Maple/Padaouk
Fretboard Wood: Highly figured Ziricote with a white mother of pearl 12th fret fleur de lys and
side dots inlays
Headstock veneer: Cocobolo with Maple/Padaouk/Maple pinstripes and white mother of pearl
unicorn inlay
Truss rod cover: inlaid continuous Cocobolo
Neck reinforcement: Low profile dual action truss rod with 2 carbon fibre rods
Fretboard radius: 14”
Neck to body break angle: 0º
Headstock break angle: 12º
Nut: Scalloped brass
Bridge: Babicz (full contact hardware) 5-string bass black finish
Machine heads: Sperzel bass locking black finish
Neck pickup: EMG P5
Bridge pickup: EMG J5
Electronics: EMG BQS active EQ system 5 knob system features a balance control (blend)
and master volume with separate bass and treble pots along with the concentric
mid-control (stacked) and 18 V power supply for extra headroom
Control knobs: Ebony with white mother of pearl dots
Finish: Eco-friendly oil
String gauge: 0.045” - 0.130”
Special feature 1: Schaller Strap-lock installed with machine screws and metal inserts into body
Special feature 2: Back control covers installed with machine screws and metal inserts into body
Special feature 3: Faraday cage control cavity made from copper tape
Special feature 4: Separate cavity for batteries
Special feature 5: Original Black Gabon Ebony scratch plate
Special feature 6: inlaid Ebony jack plate
Special Feature 7: All back control cavity caps are continuous (Same piece of wood)

Studio Images

Building Process

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From the owner

"As the photographs of “Athena" show there is mastery of design and workmanship in every aspect of this instrument. What isn't apparent is that it is a true players instrument. The balance is perfect, the neck is beautifully shaped letting hours of playing slip by effortlessly. The sound is tonally consistent from bottom to top. Tonal range is broad from tight funk punch to a relaxed fat sustain all from finger touch without having to spin the dials. As a recording instrument it produces solid clear bottom with great definition. No bad resonant spots and the harmonics ring like bells. It might be too good… there just isn’t any place to hide sloppy technique. “