Semi-Hollow Neck Through Bass




About Nemesis

Date of birth: 2017
Model: Original Design, neck through, semi-hollow body, carved front and back, 6
string fretless bass, through body stringing
Scale length / # of frets: 34” / 33 frets
Body wood: Laminated Maple/Padaouk/Purple Heart with Maple and Padaouk pinstripes
with book matched Cocobolo back
Top wood: Single piece Claro Walnut
Neck through wood: Purple Heart/Black Gabon Ebony/Padaouk with Maple pinstripes veneers with
extra Maple/Wenge/Padouk laminated longitudinally
Fretboard Wood: Snakewood fretboard with Black Gabon Ebony binding and mother of pearl side and top dots
Headstock veneer: Snakewood headstock top veneer with Maple/Padaouk/Maple laminated under and black mother of pearl unicorn inlay
Truss rod cover: inlaid Black Gabon Ebony
Neck reinforcement: Low profile dual action truss rod with 2 carbon fibre rods
Fretboard radius: 14”
Neck to body break angle: 0º
Headstock break angle: 12º
Nut: Scalloped Black Gabon Ebony
Bridge: Hand crafted Black Gabon Ebony Bridge with saddle slots oriented along the string direction. Black Gabon Ebony saddles with “Richard McClish (RMC)” piezo transducers
Machine heads: Sperzel bass locking gold finish
Magnetic pickup: Delano Xtender 6
Magnetic control: 3 band “F Bass” EQ, Bass, Mid, High and Volume, 3 position selector switch
for Mag Pickup “Single coil (rear)/Parallel/Single coil (front)"
Piezo transducers: “Richard McClish (RMC)” Bass Excellence piezo transducers
Piezo control: “Richard McClish (RMC)” Hybrid Pro “B” preamp with Volume and Tone
control, 3 position selector switch for (Mag/Both/Piezo)
Output jacks: 1- Magnetic pickups
2- Magnetic/Both/Piezo (use individual pots for blending)
Control knobs: Ebony with Maple/Padaouk/Maple/Snakewood veneers and white mother of pearl dots
Finish: Eco-friendly oil
Strings: 0.029” - 0.128” La Bella Deep Talkin’ Bass Flat Wound
Special feature 1: Schaller Strap-lock installed with machine screws and metal inserts into body
Special feature 2: Faraday cage control cavity made from copper tape
Special feature 3: inlaid dual output Snakewood jack plate
Special feature 4: Back control cavity cap is continuous (Same piece of wood)

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Building Process

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