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About Sibilla

Date of birth: 2014
Model: Original Design, Neck Through, semi-hollow, carved front and back, 4 string
left handed Electric Upright Double Bass, Through Body strings
Scale length: 41.3” (105 cm)
Body wood: Laminated Maple/Padaouk/Maple/Mahogany/Maple/Padaouk /Maple with
Black Walnut back
Top wood: One piece Claro Walnut
Neck through wood: 7 piece laminate, Maple/Wenge/Maple/Tiger Wood
Fretboard wood: Highly figured Macasar Ebony
Headstock veneer: Claro Walnut with Maple/Padaouk/Maple pinstripes
Truss rod cover: inlaid continuous Claro Walnut with white Mother of Pearl fleur de lys inlay
Neck reinforcement: Low profile custom length dual action truss rod with 2 carbon fibre rods
Fretboard radius: 3”
Neck to body break angle: 0º
Headstock break angle: 16º
Nut: Scalloped Black Gabon Ebony
Bridge: Original Macasar Ebony with adjustable angulated saddles that will not change
string spacing no matter the position of the saddles. Also includes Richard
McClich (RMC) PA-400BX, 4 individual Piezo transducers
machine heads: Sperzel bass locking
Magnetic pickup: EMG 4SW individual active pickups mounted in a Macasar Ebony Housing.
Each pickup has its own height adjustment
Magnetic Control: EMG BQC active EQ system 3 knob system features a master volume, both the
bass and treble on a concentric pot as well as another concentric pot for the midcontrol, 18 V Power Supply for greater Headroom
Piezo pickups: Richard McClich (RMC) PA-400BX, 4 individual Piezo transducers
Piezo control: Richard McClich (RMC) Poly-Drive 1 Preamp with piezo and MIDI outputs,
including piezo volume, midi volume, a 3 position selector switch (mag/mag +
piezo/midi) and a momentary 3 position selector switch for the midi program
Output jacks: 1- Magnetic pickups
2- Magnetic and piezo (use individual pots for blending)
3- 13 PIN midi output
Finish: Eco-friendly oil
Strings: D’Addario NS Electric Contemporary flat wound Bass 4 String Set, 3/4 Scale,
light Tension, P/N: NSFW610
Special feature 1: All controls are in the back, making this instrument very pure looking from the
Special feature 2: 6 sculptured scrolls (4 on the body and 2 on head stock)
Special feature 3: Faraday cage in all 3 control cavities made from copper tape
Special feature 4: Hollow Head Stock
Special feature 5: inlaid Macasar Ebony 3 output jack plate
Special feature 6: All back control cavity caps are continuous (Same piece of wood)
Special Feature 7: Ziricote back insert for reinforcement of through body string support
Special feature 8: Custom machined high strength aluminium insert for Ned Steinberger double
bass stands

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